northern bobwhite - james f. flynn jr.
grants and scholarships. . .

The Georgia Ornithological Society offers a variety of grants and scholarships in support of ornithological research. Please follow the links below for more information and application guidelines.

Only GOS members can apply for these
grants or for the scholarship.

H. Branch Howe, Jr. Grant
Graduate Student Research

Bill Terrell Grants
Graduate Student Research

Opportunity Fund

Avian Conservation

Young Birders' Scholarship
Young Birders' Scholarship

Wally Dreyfoos Scholarship
GOS Fall Meeting Scholarships for Students

For more information about the research grants available for ornithological study, please consult the list maintained by Dr. Robert L. Curry on The Ornithological Council's web site, BIRDNET, specifically the Grants, Awards and Prizes page:

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