American Avocets by David Cree

American Avocets

photo by David Cree

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Atlanta Bird Fest 2017: Registration is Open!


Atlanta Bird Fest is back for 2017 with even more exclusive field trips, workshops, and other events. This year's Atlanta Bird Fest will run from April 15 through May 14. Registration is now open!


Visit the Atlanta Bird Fest page for more information and a sneak peek at what we're planning!


Sponsorship Opportunities Available: Please contact Michelle Hamner, Director of Development, at for more information about sponsoring Atlanta Bird Fest 2017.



Take the Lights Out Atlanta Pledge to Protect Birds


Lights Out Atlanta is a new program of Atlanta Audubon Society designed to help reduce bird deaths caused by building collisions. Each year, an estimated 350 million to 1 billion birds die in the United States after colliding with buildings. The problem is particularly bad during spring and fall migration.


Lights Out Atlanta is a voluntary program encouraging building owners and residential homeowners to turn off or reduce lighting from midnight to dawn during the peak bird migration periods.  Participants pledge to reduce non-essential lighting during peak migration periods of March 15 to May 31 (spring) and August 15 to November 15 (fall). The goal is to create a safe path through Atlanta for migrating birds and to make the City in the Trees a Bird Friendly Community.


Click here to sign the Lights Out Atlanta Pledge.




April Monthly Meeting; Seasonality and Flight Behavior of Vultures in Georgia with Jim Ferrari


Sunday, April 23 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM

Manuel's Tavern


Jim Ferrari, Professor of Biology at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA, will join us for our April Monthly Meeting to discuss "Seasonality and Flight Behavior of Vultures in Georgia." Vultures play an important role in Georgia ecosystems as they consume roadkill, recycle elements, and suppress the spread of disease. In this talk, Jim will address a number of questions: what kinds of vultures do we have in Georgia? Do they migrate, and if so, when? What are the social dynamics of our two vulture species, and how is this reflected in their flocking and flight behavior? Join us for this social and casual afternoon talk.



Click here for more information or to visit our monthly meeting page. 


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