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Georgia Birders Online (GABO) is a forum for the exchange of information related to Georgia birds, birders, and birding and is open to all interested individuals. A secondary goal is the building of a useful searchable database of such information. Discussions should be conducted in a respectful manner, keeping in mind that GABO participants vary widely in experience and expertise, but all share an interest in wild birds. The list is hosted by the University of Georgia and administered by listowners, who may be contacted at: GABO-L-request@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU

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Keeping in mind that all messages to the list are archived and that a second fundamental goal of GABO is the building of a useful searchable database of Georgia-related bird information, the FULL NAME of a reported bird should be used, at least in the first reference to that bird within a message. Abbreviations and non-standard names should be avoided; they are of little use in a database search. Please include the exact location and date of any sightings as well as the names of observers.

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