Earle R. Greene Memorial Award

Earle R. Greene was active in GOS at the time our founding in 1936 and served as the second GOS president, 1938-1939. He is also recognized as the founder of the Louisiana Ornithological Society. He worked for a time as a refuge manager for the US Biological Survey at the Okefenokee and other refuges. He was also an avid birder and lister. He kept careful field notes of birds seen in Atlanta in the 1920s and 1930s. From these records he wrote one of the first annotated checklists printed in the state – “Birds of the Atlanta, Georgia, Area” – in 1933. He was a co-editor and a major contributor to the first annotated checklist of Georgia birds published by GOS in 1945. When he passed away in 1975, this award was established in his memory.

These awards depend on nominations, your nominations, of individuals you think deserve consideration for the award. A person with a Georgia connection may be nominated for:

•Achievement in ornithology by a professional or a citizen scientist

•Achievement in promoting birding

•Service to GOS

A person may be nominated in any of the three categories either for achievement over a long period of time or for a specific project or activity.

The award selection committee consists of Georgann Schmalz, chair, Jeannie Wright and Emily Jo Williams.

Nominations should be sent to via

USPS Mail: Georgann Schmalz
152 Willow Oak Lane
Dawsonville, GA 30534 or via email to:

All nominations received are kept in the pending file and are evaluated by the committee each year.


E. R. Greene Memorial Award Recipients
1975 Harriett DiGioia 
1976 Richard A. Parks 
1977 J. Fred Denton 
1978 Milton N. Hopkins, Jr. 
1979 No Award 
1980 Dr. Leslie B. Davenport, Jr. 
1981 No Award 
1982 Anne B. Hamilton 
1983 George A. Dorsey 
1984 Dr. Eugene P. Odum 
1985 William W. Griffin 
1986 Dr. Roger Tory Peterson & Dr. Norman H. Giles 
1987 T. McRae Williams 
1988 Dr. Franklin McCamey
1989 Dr. Joseph Greenberg 
1990 Don and Doris Cohrs
1991 No Award 
1992 Terry S. Moore 
1993 Dr. H. Branch Howe, Jr 
1994 Dr. John C. Avise
1995 Dr. H. Ron Pulliam 
1996 Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin 
1997 Dr. Emil K. Urban 
1998 John M. Swiderski 
1999 Dr. David W. Johnston 
2000 Dr. Georgine S. Pindar & Dr. Chandler S. Robbins 
2001 Kenneth B. Clark 
2002 Paul W. Sykes, Jr. 
2003 James F. Flynn, Jr. 
2004 Giff Beaton 
2005 Terry W. Johnson 
2006 Brad Winn 
2007 Bob & Martha Sargent 
2008 Jeannie B. Wright 
2009 Tim Keyes 
2010 Georgann Schmalz & Dr. Sidney Gauthreaux 
2011 Todd Schneider 
2012 Dr. Robert A. Sargent 
2013 Dr. Sara R. Morris
2014 Robert L. Crawford
2015 Anne L. Mursch
2016 Lydia Thompson
 2017 Steve Holzman
2018 Jim Ozier
2019 Emily Jo Williams
2020 Malcolm Hodges
 2021 Larry Carlile
2022 Dr. Jim Ferrari