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The Ecology of Fruit-eating Birds in Georgia
Occasional Publication No. 18

Ecology of Fruit-Eating Birds in Georgia

Fruits make up a significant part of the diet of many bird species. In this GOS publication, biologists Jim Ferrari and Jerry Payne document the use of fruit by Georgia birds and explore the ecological connections between birds and fruit-bearing plants. A major portion of the book lists the kinds of fruits eaten by Georgia birds (organized by bird species and also by plant species), based on a literature review as well as hundreds of original observations by the authors. The book also delves into the questions of invasive plants, the seasonality of fruit production and bird migration, recommendations for homeowners, and geographical patterns of fruit-eating birds across Georgia. With its wealth of new data and ideas, this publication will be appreciated by scientists and non-specialists alike and is relevant to readers far beyond the boundaries of the state. The book is 88 pages, 6 x 9 inches. 

Authors: James Ferrari and Jerry A. Payne - Published 2009


The Breeding Birds of Haralson County
Occasional Publication No. 17



Birders take note: your sighting records for a single county can provide important information to ornithologists and other birders. It’s worth the effort to keep them, organize them, and put them between covers! Just ask Michael. His intensive surveys on behalf of Georgia’s Breeding Bird Atlas project in 1999 led to the writing of this fine book, which details breeding or probable breeding records for 94 species in Haralson County.

Author: Michael K. Bell - Published 2004


Birds of Kennesaw Mountain
Occasional Publication No. 16

Birds of Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain is one of the premiere magnets for birders during migration. Giff Beaton's latest book covers 12 years of almost daily migration birding at this highly important stopover site for migrants in Georgia. This reference, written by one of the state’s top birders, belongs on your shelf!

Birds of Kennesaw Mountain is 150 spiral bound pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches in size.

Author: Giff Beaton - Published 2004


Birds of Laurens County
Occasional Publication No. 15

Birds of Laurens County is authored by long time GOS member and former president, Tommy Patterson. Tommy became an active birder somewhat later than many when he began to accompany his son Hunter over thirty years ago. After joining GOS in 1974 Tommy was encouraged and inspired by Dr. J. Fred Denton to keep records of his sightings in Dublin and nearby areas. What resulted is best described by the following quote from the book’s Foreword by Giff Beaton. “He sought out and identified some good areas of diverse habitat, created an interesting route to follow, and then proceeded to bird this area at least twice a week for almost 30 years! He not only ran the route but kept impeccable records.” His book conveys in a very readable manner data describing birdlife in this Middle Georgia area. He was also generous with his time by serving GOS in a variety of Executive Committee posts including a two year term as president at the time of our 50th anniversary meeting in Macon.

Birds of Laurens County is 96 pages, 6x 9 inches in size.

Author: Thomas K. Patterson - Published April 2004


Annotated Checklist of Georgia Birds
Occasional Publication No. 14

This fifth edition of the "ACOGB" was painstakingly and thoroughly researched by the Checklist and Records Committee incorporating information in the species accounts from many sources including the Breeding Bird Atlas project, Christmas Bird and Breeding Bird Census, The Oriole (67 years) and the records of the Checklist Committee itself. Virtually every species is now tied to a museum specimen, photo or other definitive record. The manuscript was brought to completion by Giff Beaton with Paul Sykes and Dr. John Parrish. It provides comprehensive detail of range, status and dates of occurrence for 446 species of which 407 are now accepted on the Regular Species List. The Annotated Checklist of Georgia Birds is 156 pp., 7x10 in. & spiral bound.

Authors: Giff Beaton, Paul Sykes, John Parrish - Published 2003



Other Publications

The Breeding Bird Atlas of Georgia


The first statewide distributional survey of Georgia’s breeding birds
Edited by Todd M. Schneider, Giff Beaton, Timothy S. Keyes, and Nathan A. Klaus Foreword by Pierre Howard

Available here.