Norene Boring Undergraduate Grant

Call for Applications

The Georgia Ornithological Society offers undergraduate student research grants of up to $1,000 in support of ornithological research. The number of grants awarded per year will be determined by the Executive Committee based on the recommendation of the Howe Grant Committee, which will be responsible for reviewing applications for the Norene Boring Grants.


Guidelines for Grant Applicants

1) The applicants, during the grant period, must be enrolled undergraduate students in the State of Georgia.

2) The applicant will be a member of GOS.

3) The research must be primarily ornithological and must be conducted under faculty direction.

4) Preference will be given first to research performed in Georgia; second to that performed in the U.S. outside Georgia.

5) The grant cycle will normally be for a period of 8 months (October – May). Application for renewal is permitted. The grant will not fund the grantee's salary, tuition, university overhead, or indirect costs.

6) The Howe Grant Committee will determine the amount to be granted per applicant. It may award the entire grantable amount to one applicant (unlikely) or apportion varying amounts among several applicants as it deems fit.

7) The applicant will state whether he/she can do the necessary work if the amount granted were less than the amount requested.

8) The application shall be submitted via email, not to exceed 5 pages, and shall include a description of the research project and its goals, a statement concerning how the research will contribute to ornithology, literature citations, an itemized budget, a statement of other financial support, and a brief resume of the applicant. Two letters of reference from faculty members, submitted separately and via email, are also required, one of which will be from the directing faculty member.

9) The grant application, resume, and letters of reference shall reach the Howe Grant Committee no later than September 15 each year. The grantees shall be selected by October 1, with the concurrence of the GOS Executive Committee.

10) At the end of the grant period, the grantee is required to submit to the Howe Grant Committee a written summary (or a copy of a report that was submitted to the faculty advisor) of research results and grant expenditures. The grantee is encouraged to present research results to the members of GOS at a semiannual meeting as a talk or as a poster and/or to submit a manuscript to the journal of GOS, The Oriole, or to the GOS newsletter (GOSHawk).

Submit your application and references to Bob Cooper: rcooper at