GCRC Current Activity

The GOS Checklist and Records Committee (GCRC) reviews approximately 40 rare bird reports of Georgia review species every year. Generally, after 12 -15 reports have accumulated, the Secretary will review and vote on each of the reports, then submit the group of reports to the rest of the Committee for review.  Each of the remaining five Committee members reviews the reports and votes independently during the first round.

A report is considered "Accepted" (i.e., becomes an official record) if it receives no more than one "non-accept" vote.

If a report receives two "non-accept" votes, it proceeds to a second round of voting with the comments of each of the Committee members (but no names associated with the comments) included with the report. If the second circulation of a report still results in two "non-accept" votes, the report is discussed among and voted by the Committee members as a group until a final decision is made.

A report is "Rejected" if three or more "non-accept" votes are cast.  Reports generally receive "non-accept" votes if details are lacking, if the observer misidentified the bird, if the origin is in question, or if the location is in question (for instance, bodies of waters along state lines).

The table below depicts the recent and future activity of the GCRC and is divided into five sections:

    • Completed Records: Reports for which the GCRC has reached a final decision

    • Current Round: Reports that are currently in circulation within the Committee.

    • Next Round: Reports to circulated after the current round voting process is completed.

    • Reports Received: Reports to be presented to the Committee during future rounds.

    • No Reports Received: Review species that have been gleaned from various sources but for which no documentation has been submitted.

Note: On 26 Jan 2013, the GOS Checklist & Records Committee (GCRC) met to discuss, among other items, the pelagic boundaries that are used for record keeping for Georgia's birdlife. The GCRC unanimously voted to adopt the  "Closest Point of Land" rule (CPOL), which has become the de facto standard for other nations, states, provinces and even counties when determining pelagic boundaries.





GCRC Record # Species Location County Initial Sighting Date Initial Sighting Obs. Report Author Ph?
2017-06 Crested Caracara N. Turkey Rd. Mitchell 8/14/2017 Patty McLean, Michael Linz Patty McLean Y
2017-07 Burrowing Owl Three Notch Rd. Miller 11/13/2017 David Bean, Wayne Schaffner Wayne Schaffner Y
2017-08 Ash-throated Flycatcher Standard Elevator Rd. Sumter 11/25/2017 Jerry Amerson, Marie Amerson Jerry Amerson Y
2017-04 Blue-throated Hummingbird private residence Elbert ~5/30/2017 Ed & Mitzi Faust Ed & Mitzi Faust Y





GCRC Record # Species Location County Initial Sighting Date Initial Sighting Obs. Report Author Ph?





GCRC Record #
Initial Sighting Date
Initial Sighting Obs.
Report Author





GCRC Record # Species Location County Initial Sighting Date Initial Sighting Obs. Report Author Ph?
  Burrowing Owl Jones Ecological Research Center Baker/Mitchell 7/10/2014 ~fide Todd Schneider   Y
  Northern Wheatear private residence Walton 9/18/2015 Jason Lewis   Y
  Say's Phoebe Laramore Rd. Lee 10/31/2015 Larry Gridley   Y
  American Tree Sparrow Prater's Mill Whitfield 11/26/2015 Sandy Pangle   ?
  Black-headed Gull Cumberland I. Camden 12/19/2015 Beth Willis-Stevenson & Forbes Boyle   ?
  Say's Phoebe CR 76/Grimsley Brdige Rd.@Three Notch Rd. Miller 1/10/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Western Tanager Saint Simons I. Glynn 1/22/2016 Bob Sattelmeyer   Y
  Black Rail Harris Neck NWR McIntosh 2/10/2016 Mary Kimbery   N
  Whooping Crane Hahira Lowndes 2/15/2016 Robert Emond   ?
  Northern Saw-whet Owl James H. Sloppy Floyd SP Chattooga 3/6/2016 Logan Kahle   ?
  Western Tanager private residence (Martinez) Columbia ~2/28/2016 "Susan-Ken Boyd"   Y
  Limpkin Reed Bingham SP Cook/Colquitt 3/5/2016 Barry Stephenson   Y
  Northern Saw-whet Owl Sloppy Floyd SP Chatooga 3/6/2016 Logan Kahle   N
  Cave Swallow Golden Park Muscogee 3/28/2016 Andrew Dreelin   Y
  Brown Booby Tybee I. Chatham 4/2/2016 Steve Calver   Y
  Ruff Onslow I. Chatham 4/27/2016 Adam Betuel, Nathan Farnau, Shannon Fair   Y
  White-faced Ibis Cumberland I. Camden 5/8/2016 fide e-Bird   ?
  Ruff American Proteins Forsyth 5/14/2016 Jim Flynn   ?
  Limpkin Whispering Pines Dougherty 6/2/2016 fide Melissa Martin   Y
  Shiny Cowbird Tybee I. Chatham 6/32016 James Fleullan, et. al.   Y
  White-faced Ibis private location Grady 6/19/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Crested Caracara Jekyll I. Glynn 6/24/2016 Ricky Carter fide James Fleullan   Y
  White-faced Ibis Brock Cemetery Rd. Decatur 7/2/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Red-billed Tropicbird private residence (Lyons) Toombs 9/5/2016 Richard & Glenda Clark fide Bob Sargent   Y
  Say's Phoebe Grimsley Bridge Rd./3 Notch Rd. Miller 10/22/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Say's Phoebe Josuli Ranch/CR 124 Baker 10/29/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  White-tailed Kite Pauline Church Rd. Brooks Nov 2016 John Rogers   N
  Western Tanager GA Southern University Bulloch 11/2/2016 John David Curtis fide Ray Chandler   Y
  Whooping Crane Kingsland Camden 11/7/2016 Adrain Lewis   ?
  White-faced Ibis Harris Neck NWR McIntosh <11/9/2016 James Holland   Y
  Say's Phoebe Josuli Rd. Baker 11/12/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Broad-biilled Hummingbird Eastman Dodge <11/28/2016 Donny Screws   Y
  Say's Phoebe New York Rd. Lee 12/6/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Say's Phoebe GA 200 at CR 15 Baker 12/17/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Say's Phoebe Shingler Rd. Miller 12/17/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Western Grebe Elrod Ferry RA Hart 12/23/2016 Mark McShane   Y
  Say's Phoebe Frith Rd. Early 12/29/2016 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Western Grebe Sapelo I. McIntosh 12/31/2016 Calvin Zippler   ?
  Burrowing Owl undisclosed Miller   fide Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Snowy Plover Little Tybee I. Chatham 1/14/2017 GOS Field Trip fide Mark McShane   ?
  Ruff Andrews I. Glynn 1/28/2017 Giff Beaton   N
  Ash-throated Flycatcher Frith Rd. Early 2/4/2017 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Whooping Crane undisclosed Miller 2/4/2017 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Short-tailed Hawk I-95 near Satilla R. Camden 3/6/3017 Dalton Jackson   N
  Ruff Little St. Simons I. Glynn 3/12/2017 Brad Winn   Y
  Cave Swallow Andrews I. Glynn 4/24/2017 David Hedeen   Y
  Limpkin CCWA wetlands Clyaton 5/3/2017 Brendan Harris, Danielle Bunch, Mary Kimberly   Y
  Limpkin 1.5 mis downriver fr. US 82 bridge (Atkinson, GA) Brantley May 2017 Andy Day fide Tim Keyes   ?
  Limpkin 2 mis upriver fr. Burnt Fort BL (GA 252 bridge) Camden/Charlton May 2017 Andy Day fide Tim Keyes   ?
  Limpkin 1.5 mis downriver fr. GA 121/GA 15 Pierce/Brantley May 2017 Andy Day fide Tim Keyes   ?
  Limpkin former Durango Paper Mill (St. Marys) Camden 5/18/2017 Tim Keyes   ?
  White-faced Ibis O.T. Watson Farm Pond Dougherty 6/5/2017 Alan Ashley   Y
  Limpkin undisclosed Tift 6/13/2017 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Limpkin Georgia Veterans SP Crisp 6/27/2017 David Vickers   Y
  Limpkin Stones Landing Decatur 7/1/2017 Steve Reynolds   Y
  Ruff Little St. Simons I. Glynn 7/8/2017 Bayard Nicklow   Y
  White-faced Ibis Mt. Zion Church Rd. Decatur 7/17/2017 Lisa Hughes, Mark Hughes   Y
  Limpkin Quitman Country Club Brooks 8/29/2017 Deborah Grimes   Y
  Long-tailed Jaeger Lake Hartwell Hart 8/31/2017 Mark McShane, Jim Hanna   Y
  Long-tailed Jaeger Lake Tobesofkee Bibb 9/12/2017 Jerry & Marie Amerson, Ty Ivey   Y
  Sabine's Gull West Point Dam Troup 9/12/2017 Malcolm Hodges, Dan Vickers, et. al.   Y
  Long-tailed Jaeger West Point Dam Troup 9/12/2017 Malcolm Hodges, Dan Vickers, et. al.   N
  Long-tailed Jaeger Loron Williams Park Crisp/Sumter 9/12/2017 Ben Thompson, Trey McCuen   N
  White-tailed Tropicbird Pineville Rd. Marion 9/12/2017 fide Brian Tinker, Andrew Theus   Y
  Limpkin Ray's Lake Seminole 9/14/2017 Paul Raney   Y
  Black-legged Kittiwake West Point Dam Troup 9/20/2017 James White   Y
  Long-tailed Jaeger Lake Lanier Forsyth/Hall 9/22/2017 Keegan Corcoran   Y
  Cinnamon Teal Harris Neck NWR McIntosh 10/6/2017 Chris Coppola   Y
  Black-headed Grosbeak Epworth Fannin 10/15/2018 Nedra Sekera   N
  Brant Turkey Pond Burke 11/12/2017 Liam Wolff   Y
  Say's Phoebe Lagg Rd. Lee 11/18/2017 Larry Gridley   Y
  Common Eider Ft. Pulaski NM Chatham 11/22/2017 Jean-Luc Betoulle   Y
  Say's Phoebe New York Rd. Lee <11/5/2017 Jean-Luc Betoulle (?)   Y
  Say's Phoebe Standard Elevator Rd. Sumter 11/24/2017 Larry Gridley   Y
  Snowy Plover Cumberland I. Camden 11/25/2017 Patrick Leary   Y
  Say's Phoebe Three Notch Rd. Miller <11/18/2017 Wayne Schaffner (?)   Y
  Buff-bellied Hummingbird Valdosta (private residence) Lowndes <12/9/2017 Robert Edmonds (homeowners not named)   Y
  Northern Saw-whet Owl Skidaway I. Chatham 12/22/2017 Russ Wigh   N
  Black-legged Kittiwake Lake Blackshear Worth 12/24/2017 Larry Gridley   N
  Cackling Goose Lake Acworth Cobb 12/26/2017 Aija Konrad   Y
  American Tree Sparrow Lovers Lane Richmond 12/28/2017 John Patten Moss, Mac McCall   Y
  Common Merganser Turkey Pond Burke 12/29/2017 Jeff Sewell, Mark McShane, Jim Hanna   Y
  Broad-billed Hummingbird Valdosta (private residence) Lowndes 1/1/2018 Brad Bergstrom   Y
  Common Merganser West Point Lake Troup 1/3/2018 James White   Y
  Ash-throated Flycatcher N. Turkey Rd. Mitchell 1/13/2018 Bob Zaremba, Deb Zaremba   Y
  Trumpeter Swan Piedmont NWR Jones 1/15/2018 Stacy Zarpentine   Y