2003 GCRC Activity

Completed Records

(note: only the 2nd half of 2003 are shown)


GCRC Record No.  Species Location   County Initial Sighting Date   Initial Sighting Obs. Report Author  Photo?  GCRC Result
2003-12 Black-bellied Whistling Duck Andrews I.   Glynn  5/31/2003 Bob Zaremba, Sterling
Blanchard, Pierre Howard,
Chuck Saleeby, Karen Theodorou
Bob Zaremba  No  Accepted
2003-13 Limpkin Reed Bingham SP Cook  5/1/2003 Chet Powell Chet Powell  Yes  Accepted 
2003-14 Long-eared Owl   Monroe  11/3/2002  fide Steve Hicks  GCRC  Yes  Accepted 
2003-15 Bell's Vireo Kennesaw Mt Cobb  10/5/2003  Giff Beaton  Giff Beaton  No  Accepted 
2003-16 Brown Noddy   Pelagic  8/29/2003  Chuck Saleeby, et. al  Chuck Saleeby  Yes  Accepted 
2003-17 Western Meadowlark   Greene  11/15/2003      No  Not Accepted 
2003-18 Black-throated Gray Warbler Kennesaw Mt Cobb  9/8/2003  Pierre Howard, et. al  Pierre Howard  Yes  Accepted 
2003-19 Ross's Goose Collins Hill Park Gwinnett  11/24/2003      Yes  Not Accepted 
2003-20 Calliope Hummingbird Decatur Dekalb  <12/5/2003  Pat White  Rusty Trump  Yes  Accepted