GCRC Activity 2021

Completed Records

GCRC Record # Species Location County Initial Sighting Date Initial Sighting Obs. Report Author Ph? GCRC Result
2021-01 Brown Booby Ft. Pulaski NM Chatham 8/25/2019     N not accepted
2021-02 Mute Swan St. Simons I. Glynn 1/24/2020     Y not accepted
2021-03 Brown Booby pelagic N/A 12/11/2020 Bob Zaremba, Mac McCall, Yve Morrell, Gene Keferl, Kevin Danchisen, Eliot VanOtteren Eliot VanOtteren Y accept
2021-04 Iceland Gull Lake Lanier Hall 1/8/2021 Keegan Corcoran Keegan Corcoran Y accept
2021-05 Lazuli Bunting Fitzgerald (private residence) Ben Hill 4/8/2018 Brian Brown et. al. Brian Brown Y accept
2021-06 Harlequin Duck Cumberland I. Camden 2/1/2018 John Patten Moss John Patten Moss Y accept
2021-07 Inca Dove Privett Store Rd. Miller 7/13/2019 John Patten Moss, Cody Pope, Jesse Artrip John Patten Moss Y accept
2021-08 Shiny Cowbird private residence Camden 5/5/2018 John Patten Moss John Patten Moss Y accept
2021-09 Scott's Oriole Valdosta (private residence) Lowndes 3/27/2021     N not accepted
2021-10 Sabine's Gull West Point Dam Troup 10/29/2020 Malcolm Hodges Malcolm Hodges N accept
2021-11 American Tree Sparrow Lovers Lane Richmond 12/28/2017 John Patten Moss, Mac McCall John Patten Moss Y accept
2021-12 Purple Swamphen Altamaha WMA McIntosh 12/10/2019     Y not accepted
2021-13 Short-tailed Hawk Lowndes County Spray Fields Lowndes 8/28/2021 Marvin T. Smith Marvin T. Smith Y accept
2021-14 Snowy Plover Cumberland I. Camden 9/27/2021 Doris and Pat Leary  Doris and Pat Leary  Y accept
2021-15 Rock Wren Unicoi SP White 10/24/2021 Steve Patterson Steve Patterson Y accept
2021-16 Pacific Loon Clarks Hill Lake Lincoln/Columbia 12/23/2021 Aaron Boone Aaron Boone Y accept



GCRC Record # Species Location County Initial Sighting Date Initial Sighting Obs. Report Author Ph?
  Evening Grosbeak The Orchard Golf & Country Club Habersham 1/4/2021 Pat Markey   Y
  Ash-throated Flycatcher Standard Elevator Rd. Sumter 1/14/2021 Jane Seward   N
  Bullock's Oriole private residence Worth < 1/15/2021 Gina Beckman   Y
  Western Grebe St. Marys Camden 1/16/2021 Kevin O'Toole   Y
  Evening Grosbeak private residence Pickens 1/23/2021 Clara Williams   Y
  Ash-throated Flycatcher Jekyll I. Causeway Glynn 1/29/2021 Anonymous eBirder   N
  Brown Boody St. Simons I. Glynn 1/31/2021 Georgann Schmalz   N
  American Flamingo Onslow I. Chatham 2/4/2021 Jeff Blalock   N
  Brown Boodby Tybee I. Chatham 2/5/2021 Patrick Coy, Karin Tanquist   N
  Trumpeter Swan UGA Floyd Co. Experiment Station Floyd 2/6/2021 Marion Dobbs   Y
  Evening Grosbeak private residence Whitfield 2/6/2021 Gretchen Lugthart   ?
  Yellow Rail Panola Mountain SP Rockdale 2/6/2021 Charlie Muise   Y
  Ash-throated Flycatcher Altamaha WMA McIntosh 2/8/2021 Yve Morrell   Y
  Bullock's Oriole private residence Thomas < 2/12/2021 John Bracey   N
  Evening Grosbeak private residence Lumpkin < 2/13/2021 Mike Saunders   Y
  Black-throated Gray Warbler private residence (Johns Creek) Fulton 2/15/2021 Glenn Rohrbaugh   N
  Evening Grosbeak private residence Habersham 2/15/2021 Carice Jameson   Y
  Common Merganser location uncertain Chattooga 2/19/2021 Allene Morris   N
  Ash-throated Flycatcher Ft. PulaskiNM Chatham 2/20/2021 Cat McGraw   Y
  Common Merganser Lake Chatuge Towns 3/5/2021 Marion Dobbs   Y
  Snowy Plover Cumberland I. Camden 3/5/2021 Lucas Timmer   Y
  Evening Grosbeak private residence Lumpkin 3/12/2021 Joel Trick, Patti Trick   Y
  Common Redpoll private residence Rabun 3/12/2021 Jamie Randazzo   N
  Evening Grosbeak private residence Floyd 4/1/2021 Penny Haygood   Y
  Common Merganser Cohutta Wilderness Murray 4/19/2021 David Suitts   N
  American Tree Sparrow Altamaha WMA McIntosh 4/21/2021 Jane Seward   Y
  Roseate Tern Tybee I. Chatham 4/21/2021 Eric Titcomb   Y
  Common Eider  Tybee I. Chatham 4/26/2021 Pam Vercellone-Smith   Y
  Leach's Storm-Petrel Little St. Simons I. Glynn 5/19/2021 Nate Ramey, Kate Tweedy, et. al.   Y
  White-faced Ibis GA 285 Seminole 6/6/2021 Jim Flynn   Y
  White-winged Tern Kings Bay Camden 6/24/2021 Hayley Torkos   N
  Heermann's Gull St. Simons I. Glynn 6/24/2021 Robert Sattelmeyer   Y
  Inca Dove Redbone Lamar 8/22/2021 Jim Ozier   Y
  Brown Noddy West Point Lake Troup 8/31/2021 Geoff Hill   N
  Scaly-breasted Munia private residence (Oak Grove I.) Glynn 9/8/2021 Clyde Dixon   Y
  White-faced Ibis Pinehill Rd. Decatur 9/18/2021 Wayne Schaffner   Y
  Sabine's Gull Lake Lanier Forsyth/Hall 9/21/2021 Jim Flynn, Rusty Trump   Y
  Brown Booby Jekyll I. Glynn 11/3/2021 Yve Morrell   Y
  Calliope Hummingbird private residence Clarke 11/5/2021 Christine Kozlosky   Y
  Common Eider  LocationLittle Egg Island Bar NA McIntosh 11/10/2021 Kim Savides   Y
  Northern Saw-whet Owl private residence Lamar 11/23/2021 Charlie Muise, Tracey Muise   ?