William F. Terrell Biography

  William (Bill) F. Terrell (1930 – 2004) was born in Henderson, NC, and lived in Atlanta most of his life. He served in both the US Navy and the US Air Force and graduated from Georgia State University. He was a 32 year career employee with the Centers for Disease Control working in the computer systems support area where he was instrumental in developing the LAN system.

Bill was an avid birder who enjoyed birding in his home state and in conjunction with his travels. He joined GOS as a life member in 1975 and was also affiliated with Atlanta Audubon Society. He was a regular participant in Christmas Bird Counts. Through his will, Bill made a very generous and significant bequest to GOS which has made it financially possible for the Society to develop a number of new grant programs including this one which is named in his memory.

--John Swiderski